martedì 17 maggio 2011


Kevin Hall, who is navigating on the TP 52 Quantum Racing shares this report with us. Look for more from Kevin with us...

"Over here in beautiful Cascais. Keeping busy on the new Quantum Racing with a new
instrument system (Racing Bravo) and a really exciting sail vision system (VSPARS). We just sailed with the VSPARS cameras and software installed. Within a half hour of setup and calibration we had live stripe recognition running on both tacks on the mainsail. The trimmers and sail designers will use this data as soon as we get off the water to improve their decisions about potential recuts and future designs. Designers from Quantum and Botin Partners will use this data in conjunction with IQ technology to close the CFD loop and create the optimal aero solutions.
Above is a photo of the M2 displayed on the onboard Toughbook, with the stripes digitized. In the upper right hand corner are correct date and time - VSPARS takes a picture every few seconds. The wind, bsp and heel data were not being imported into the photo automatically yet so they all say 0.

~Kevin Hall, Navigator

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