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Båstad, SWEDEN (5 August 2012) :Groovederci CAMPIONE DEL MONDO MUMM 30


Dominant Demourkas Becomes First Two-Time Winning Skipper In Class History
 Båstad, SWEDEN (5 August 2012) – With a strong lead over the 2012 BMW Farr 30 World Championship fleet going into the final day of racing, California sailor Deneen Demourkas needed only sail conservatively to clinch her second consecutive World title for her Groovederci team.  But instead of covering her opposition on the penultimate race of the Championship, Demourkas continued to do what she’s done in Laholm Bay all week:  She won the pin, punched out ahead of her competition, crossed the fleet, and ran away with the victory.  It was Demourkas’ fifth bullet of the week, and for tactician Cameron Appleton, it was tougher than it looked.  “Reading the wind wasn’t easy out there, but we stuck to our plan, the team executed brilliantly, and Deneen took care of the rest,” he said. 
Stockholm-based boats reveled in the light air, with Orca and The End grabbing second and third place, while top Swedish skipper Martin Strandberg (Farr Bar 2) suffered from a poor start and managed just a 10th place. Meanwhile, American competitor Jim Richardson (Barking Mad) crossed the line in fourth.  Richard Goransson’s third in Race 10 put him just two points behind fourth place Dr. Harald Bruening’s Topas in the Championship standings while Strandberg’s worst result of the week gave Barking Mad new life; they were now tied on points with the Swede going into the final race.  
Il FAR 30 resta una delle barche più affascinanti e tecniche e veloci oramai lo chiamano il VECCHIO MUMM 30...
Ma di vecchio credeteci proprio non vediamo niente!!!
Bellissime le immagini di questo mondiale altro titolo in Full Q!!!
Pecore NERE indomabili!!!!!

Che belli gli SPI!!!

Bravi ragazzi

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